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Air Combat Books

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Since the collapse of the old Soviet system, the much greater openness in Russian society has meant that information, which until a relatively short time ago was treated as classified, has gradually become available. 
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Kampfflieger Volume 1, 1933-1940

Large format, 96 pages containing 201 black and white photos, 5 color photos plus 14 color aircraft profiles, several maps and tables 
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Kampfflieger Volume 2, July 1940-December 1941

Covers the Battle of Britain and blitz of London, opening phase of bomber operations in the Mediterranean plus the campaign in the Balkans and ops in Russia to the end of 1941.  
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KG 200-The Luftwaffe's Most Secret Unit

The duties of this secret unit included delivering spies while flying captured enemy aircraft, testing new designs like the "Mistel" and piloted V1, conducting clandestine reconnaissance and long range liaison flights 
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Knights Cross Holders of the Bombers Vol. 2

Die Ritterkreuzträger der Kampfflieger Vol. 2 
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Legion Condor

Legion Condor: History • Organization • Aircraft • Uniforms • Awards • Memorabilia • 1936-1939 Raúl Arias , Lucas Molina, and Rafael Permuy 
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Luftwaffe Aces (Stackpole Books/ Franz Kurowski)

The combat biographies of 7 Luftwaffe aces: 3 day-fighter pilots; 1 night-fighter pilot; 1 close-support pilot; and, 2 bomber pilots. 
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Luftwaffe Aerial Torpedo Aircraft and Operations

Arranged in diary format the book offers an account of the operations of the Luftwaffe's aerial torpedo units off the English coast, the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and in the Black Sea. 
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Luftwaffe at War (Waldemar Trojca)

Hard cover, large format (9"x 12"), with 208 pages, approx. 300 black and white photos, 8 pages of color profiles. 
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LUFTWAFFE AT WAR VOL.2: Blitzkrieg in the West 1939-1940

In September 1939, after years of increasing tension, the German assault on Poland unleashed warfare in Europe for the second time in a generation. For Poland’s allies the speed of the German invasion, advance, and victory was a salutary warning of the po 
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LUFTWAFFE AT WAR: Gathering Storm 1933-1939

During World War II all three elements of Germany’s armed forces – army, navy, and air force – had their part to play in the evolution of German strategy, but in terms of the Blitzkrieg it was the Luftwaffe that had perhaps the most important role. 
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Luftwaffe Bombers' Battle of Britain (Crecy/C. Gross)

Hard cover, medium format, English text, 208 pages and over 200 black and white photos. First hand accounts from the men Luftwaffe pilots who participated in this crucial battle. 
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It was recognized from the beginning of the Luftwaffe Camouflage and Markings series that only a fraction of the wealth of photographic material unearthed in the course of the research could be included. 
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Luftwaffe Camouflage and Markings 1933-1945 Vol. 2

The book completes the series and focuses on bombers, dive-bombers and ground attack aircraft plus night fighters, maritime, training, liaison aircraft and helicopters. 
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Luftwaffe Colors, Volume Five, Section 2

Luftwaffe Colors, Volume Five, Section 2, War In The East, 1944-1945 (Classic Publications) 
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Luftwaffe Colors, Volume Five, Section 4

Luftwaffe Colors, Volume Five, Section 4, Jet Fighters and Rocket Interceptors 1944-1945. (Classic Publications) 
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Luftwaffe Colors, Volume Four, Section Four

Luftwaffe Colors, Volume Four, Section Four, The Mediterranean 1943-45 (Classic Publications) 
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Luftwaffe Colors, Volume Four, Section Three

Luftwaffe Colors, Volume Four, Section Three, The War In Russia November 1942-December 1943 (Classic Publications) 
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Luftwaffe Colors, Volume Three, Section Four

Luftwaffe Colors, Volume Three, Section Four, The War In Russia, January-October 1942 (Classic Publications) 
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Luftwaffe Colors, Volume Three, Section One

Luftwaffe Colors, Volume Three, Section One, Strike In the Balkans April-May 1941 (Classic Publications) 
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