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February 23, 2013

Good news for the weekend after a special delivery from the printer the RZM Kampfraum Arnheim is in. The bad news is that the publisher has just raised the price from $75 to $85. The good news is that we will honour the $75 price for those who have already ordered the book. As well, we will keep the lower price for the six other copies that we still have, once they are gone the new price of $85 will be in effect.

 We also wish to inform you that we are now to our last ten copies of Fire Brigades, if you wish to own a hard cover copy of this book do not delay.

Have a nice weekend

John & Sharron   

February 8 2013

Dear Friends:

Well, the 10. Panzer-Division rush is over and now we can concentrate on four new books - three have landed and one is being printed. In stock are: Dust Clouds in the Middle East, the Air War for East Africa, Iraq, Syria, Iran and Madagascar, 1940 - 1942, Air War for Burma and A History of the Mediterranean Air War 1940 - 1945. Click on the links for prices and more information.



SS-Panzerkorps in the Battle for Kharkov 01 - 03. 1943 is a a massive new volume from Waldemar Trojca. It is due to be published at the end of February and we should have our copies by mid/end of April. The price will be $135.00 CDN for this monster and we are accepting orders for it now. However, you will not be charged for the book until we send it out.

There is also a Special Imitation-leather Edition being put together and we have ordered 10 copies. The price for it is $175.00 CDN. If you want one, please be aware that they will be allocated on a first-come first-sold basis.



 We will try to get another update out next week, but meanwhile back to the grindstone to work on the next three upcoming books. Have a nice weekend,  John and Sharron

January 30 2013

Dear Friends:

Whew, the new 10. Panzer-Division book has come in and all orders have been shipped. If you have been waiting for the official word that it has been published, here it is WORD! They are going fast, so get yours now.


New books, Focke Wulf Fw 190 Volume 2, 1943-44 is now in, excellent job again Classic guys!  From the Arndt publishers that put out the largely colour volumes on Third Reich are two new ones: Atlantikwall 1942-44 and Ostpreussen 1944/45 im Bild. We whould have those in about a week. Follow the links for more info.




We are working on our next book and hope to have a pre-pub offer out in about a month. (Hint -  it is on a Waffen-SS unit.) Two other excellent late war titles are pushing ahead also and we hope to offer them in late Spring.


Have a nice weekend, John and Sharron

January 4 2013

Dear Friends:


Well, we hope that the New Year has started well for you. Here is the latest information regarding two titles:


Combat History of the 10. Panzer-Division is now at the printer and we expect to have it January 25. So, if you have not ordered yet, hurry before the Jan 15th pre-pub deadline. The RZM book Kampfraum Arnheim is also at the printer and we expect to have it around January 20. Place your orders for it also so we can send out your copy right away.


Work is proceeding on the next 2 books, more on that soon. Have a nice weekend, John and Sharron

Dec 21 2012

Dear Friends:

Just a quick message today to all our friends. The cover for our Combat History of 10. Panzer-Division is now on our web site. Go to JJF Books, click on that and scroll down the first page, click on the small cover, and voila! .. there it is, hope you like it. At the beginning of January we will put up a few sample pages. At this time, the book is on schedule for late January delivery.


And now, we want to wish all our friends a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. We will be off most of next week, but you can e-mail us, and John will be in Thursday and Friday afternoon if you need to contact us. Otherwise, we will be open as usual on Wednesday, January 2nd.


John and Sharron 


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From the first day, the company’s objective was to provide translations of the very best German-language books covering the German ground forces in WW II and to publish them in a format that would last many years (hard cover, on acid-free paper, with laminated covers). It appears that we have been fairly successful.

Started as a one-man operation by John Fedorowicz, the company grew steadily until more help was needed. Over time, 3 partners came on board and we added Tiger Hobbies as a local outlet for modelers and book buyers. Eventually, as times and economic circumstances demanded, the company has returned to the original owner. However, Sharron, who came on board in 2002 as office manager, has stayed to keep me in line and on target. Ken helps with Tiger Hobbies. So here we are, John, Sharron and Ken - when you call you will get one of us.

Defying the hard economic situation, we plan to publish many more excellent books in the future and to serve your reading and modeling needs for many more years.