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Dec 14 2012

Dear Friends:

Wow, 2 updates in a week!! This is a brief one. We have one new book, and it looks very interesting. The book is Prussian Apocalypse; The Fall of Danzig 1945.

For those of you waiting for Kampfraum Arnhem, the latest news is that it will be ready in late January. Get your order in soon to avoid disappointment.

Have a nice weekend, John and Sharron

Dec 10, 2012

Dear Friends:

JJ Fedorowicz Publishing is pleased to announce our newest title, COMBAT HISTORY OF THE 10. PANZER-DIVISION, 1939 - 1943, originally written in German by Mr. Albert Schick. This unit history covers the history of an unusual Panzer Division of the German Army in WW II. It describes its establishment shortly before the Polish Campaign and its combat record through the Polish 1939, French 1940 and Russian (until early 1942) campaigns. The Division was withdrawn from Russia and was refitted in France during 1942. Then, instead of returning to the Eastern Front, at the end of November 1942, it was sent to Tunesia to oppose the Allied landings in North Africa. Arriving in dribs and drabs, it fought in Tunesia until the German forces there surrendered in mid-May 1943. For unexplainable reasons, the 10. Panzer-Division was not re-established, and so its impressive history ended prematurely.

This division participated in some of the most important battles of WW II, including: the capture of Brest-Litovsk, the crossing of the Meuse at Sedan, the bloody battle at Stonne, the capture of Calais, the crossing of the Beresina, the drive on Moscow, the desperate defense (as split-up battle groups) against the Russian attacks at the beginning of 1942, and Kasserine Pass.

 This complete divisional history is a good mixture of command level descriptions of the movements and fighting, as well as personal small unit accounts. It also complements perfectly  the 10. Panzer-Division, the photo album on the division by Jean Restayn and also published by us. In fact, for this pre-publication offer you can acquire Mr. Restayn's book at a good discount if you do not already own it. Click on title for details.

 Some particulars of the book.

 It is a 6" x 9" (our small format) hard cover edition with acid-free paper. It has 572 pages, and includes 5 maps, 37 photographs, 1 complete order of battle and 4 organizational charts.

 At this time the book is almost ready for the printer and we expect to receive it around the end of January-beginning of February. The regular price is $80.00 CDN, but if you order it now the pre-publication price will be $72.00 CDN. Additionally, if you order Jean Restayn's book THE 10. PANZER-DIVISION at the same time, it will cost you only $88.00 (regular price $110) - a total of $160.00 for both books (plus shipping). This offer is good until January 15, 2013.


As you are all aware, the book market and the economic situation have changed in the last few years. It is always a challenge for a small publisher to adapt to the various conditions. But adapt we must. So, we intend to publish a number of future books, especailly the smaller format, as very limited print runs. As a result, these books will not remain for sale very long and will not be available as widely as before. Therefore, if the subject of one of these books interests you, we advise you not to wait too long before buying your copy. This book will be the first of this series and a sort of experiment. If our expectations are met, then be ready for several more in a short time as we have 5 more in various stages of preparation. We hope to announce two more early next year. Again, we appreciate your past business and hope that you will continue to support us so that many more excellent books can quickly follow.

Well, that is all for now. Please check back often as we will be adding a cover image and sample pages.

Have a nice week,  John and Sharron

October 12

Dear Friends:

A short one this week, with just 2 items. A new book from Uwe Feist, Otto Carius, Meine Dienstzeit 1940-45 - it should become a collector’s item. The book is selling rather quickly, so order yours to avoid disappointment.

We have also managed to get our hands on 2 copies of one of our out-of-print books, To the Caucasus and the Austrian Alps, the History of the 23.Panzer-Division in World War II (Dr. Ernst Rebentisch). The hard cover edition of this excellent book disappeared in a flash. If you have been looking for it, here is your chance to grab one of the 2 copies, first come, first served. It is $150.00. SORRY, BOTH COPIES HAVE BEEN SOLD.

Have a nice weekend,  John and Sharron

September 28

Dear Friends:

This week we have just one new book, but what a book! Coming at the end of November from RZM Imports - Kampfraum Arnheim. Pre-order your copy today!

Some disappointing news regarding the book THE PANTHER BATTALION BRANDENBURG. We have been informed that this tile will not be released until April 2013. Not to worry, if you have ordered this book we will keep your name on the list and pass on any updates regarding it.

Work continues on our next titles, more on those soon. Have a nice weekend, John and Sharron

September 21

Dear Friends:

We have found a few more interesting books for your library, a definite mix of subjects. They should be in stock shortly. Click on the titles for a good description. From Frontline Books: Memoirs of Ernst Röhm and Day Fighters in Defence of the Reich; from Pen & Sword - The Wolf Packs Gather, from Helion - Zhitomir-Berdichev; and from Histoire & Collections - Kharkov 1943.

In other news, we are still working on new projects, should have announcement on one soon. Have a nice weekend, John and Sharron


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J.J. Fedorowicz Publishing went into business in 1983 as Military Book Distributor, selling other companies’ books through the mail. Many of those books were in German, and so during the next few years a number of individuals commented on how it would be nice to see them in English. I investigated the costs and possibilities, and the first book was printed; 400 copies of a 40-page biography on Paul Hausser (how many of you own that one?). This was followed by European Volunteers, the first hard cover and first translation. And here we are now, almost 100 books later, and many more to go.

From the first day, the company’s objective was to provide translations of the very best German-language books covering the German ground forces in WW II and to publish them in a format that would last many years (hard cover, on acid-free paper, with laminated covers). It appears that we have been fairly successful.

Started as a one-man operation by John Fedorowicz, the company grew steadily until more help was needed. Over time, 3 partners came on board and we added Tiger Hobbies as a local outlet for modelers and book buyers. Eventually, as times and economic circumstances demanded, the company has returned to the original owner. However, Sharron, who came on board in 2002 as office manager, has stayed to keep me in line and on target. Ken helps with Tiger Hobbies. So here we are, John, Sharron and Ken - when you call you will get one of us.

Defying the hard economic situation, we plan to publish many more excellent books in the future and to serve your reading and modeling needs for many more years.