Dear Friends:

Just a few matters to address for this weekend…

First, we have now received the following titles: Fortress Budapest, Last Panzer Battles in Hungary, Forgotten Archives 3, and the Illustrated Weathering Guide to WWII Late War German Vehicles. For those who pre-ordered, we are happy to announce that they have already been shipped out to you. For those who didn’t, please note that we only have a couple of each title left over for sale.

Next, we have just received copies of 1944 German Armor in Normandy. And, within the next 2 weeks we should have Dornier Do 17, Real Colors of WWII: Armor, and M3 Lee Grant.

Lastly, mid next week we will be listing a plethora of Luftwaffe books from Wing Leader Aviation books. They are absolutely fantastic; and we can say that because we have most in stock now!

Have a great weekend and stay safe!

John and Natalie