Dear Friends:

Well, we are pleased to announce another new book from Waldemar Trojca: Soviet Union Air Aces 1941 – 1945. This monster is the first in his new series, History of the Great Patriotic War. It covers 381 pilots, their wartime careers (including the Russo-Finnish War and the War against Japan in the East), their aircraft and the decorations they were awarded, especially the Hero of the Soviet Union. The book is the usual hard cover, large format and includes 768 pages, 1,043 photographs, 406 tables, 784 color profiles, 26 color drawings of decorations, and 110 color drawings of military ranks. Also included is an A0 size color map that shows all Russian and German air units on 22 June 1941. English/German text. Cost is $170.00, a bargain when you consider the contents, the fact that it is the first such exhaustive study of this subject, and that the Soviet pilots (including women) carried a major load of the fighting in the early part of the air war. Their contribution must be recognized.

This book is expected to arrive in November, together with Trojca’s Aircraft Carriers of the Imperial Navy and Army Vol 1, and his edited reprint of Japanese Hybrid Warships, which you can still order. You can reserve your copy of this limited edition now (we expect to put in only 1 order) and you will not be charged until it is in stock and ready to ship.