Dear Friends,

This week we have for your consideration the seventh batch of books for auction (Stackpole Books and Schiffer Publishing) from the acquired collection.

Viking Panzers                            

Panzer Warfare on the Eastern Front                 

Panzers in the Sand, Vol. 2 – 1942-45            

Tigers of the Death’s Head                                 

The Spanish in the SS and Wehrmacht 1944-1945              

Waffen-SS: Tiger Crews at Kursk                      

Battles with the Nachtjagd: The Night Airwar Over Europe, 1939-1945      

An Illustrated History: The 27th Waffen-SS Volunteer Grenadier Division              

Tigers I and II: And Their Variants                          

Kampfpanzer Maus: The Porsche Type 205 Super-Heavy Tank                

An Illustrated History: The 8th Waffen-SS Cavalry Division                        

Bayerlein: After Action Reports of the Panzer Lehr Division Commander                

Focke-Wulf Ta 152                                    

German Armored Trains, 1904-1945                                 

Halftracked Vehicles of the German Army, 1909-1945                     

Germany’s Panther Tank                       

Kampfgeschwader 53         

Comrades to the End: The 4th SS Panzer-Grenadier Regiment “Der Fuhrer” 1938-1945           

German Panzers on the Offensive                                                                                             

Invasion! They’re Coming!                                                                        

Scorched Earth  


Remember, you have until midnight, Monday, August 28th to bid. Next week‘s auction will include titles published by Casemate and RZM.

**ATTENTION** Some of the titles from past auctions are still available at a great price! All you need to do is visit our past auction posts here. Click on the title’s link to see if you are able to access the order page. If yes, then the book is available for purchase at the posted price. If not, then the title you selected is no longer available.

We await your bids! Good luck!

John & Natalie