Dear Friends,

We really hate to start off this update with some disappointing news, but we promise to end on a good note…

The shipment of the 3 new Waldemar Trojca titles (which includes several of his titles that were out of stock) has now been delayed 3 times. Originally, we were to receive the books at the beginning of December. Now, we have been told that the shipment is supposed to reach us on December 21, 2021. While that would make us somewhat less unhappy, this past experience has not convinced us that the shipment will arrive before the beginning of January 2022. We are truly sorry that this might disappoint many of you. Believe us, we are as disappointed and frustrated as you are. Please be assured that if anything changes regarding the shipment’s progress, we will update you. Thank you for your patience.

On a happier note, we would like to report that the new title from Loyalty & Honor, VII. Battalion LSSAH 1942, has arrived and we still have 3 copies available for sale. Additionally, we are awaiting shipments from the following publishers: Leaping Horseman (Guderian’s Foxes), Eagle Editions (Fighters of the Iron Cross) and Helion (Norwegian Volunteers of the Waffen-SS). As soon as we receive them, all back orders will be filled.

As always, we thank you for your business and look forward to hearing from you!

Have a great weekend,

John & Natalie