Dear Friends:

We are very pleased to announce that JJ Fedorowicz Publishing Inc. is now the exclusive North and South American seller of books by Loyalty and Honour Publishing, founded by Peter Mooney.

Loyalty and Honour Publishing was established in 2013, in Kent UK, with the sole purpose of bringing WWII personal archives into the wider market. They offer over 25 years of research on the subject of the Waffen-SS in WWII, together with 15 years of face-to-face contact with veterans who served within the ranks of the Waffen-SS. Their aim is to help ensure that these historically important archives get the chance to be seen by a wider audience, whilst protecting the integrity of the original collections, to identify how these archives can help portray the accurate history of the Waffen-SS during WWII.

We are going to place our first order for these books on Thursday, February 4th. So, if you are wanting to order one or more of these books, please place your order by end of day, Wednesday, February 3rd. Any orders placed after this date will probably not be filled until we receive our second shipment.

**A NOTE REGARDING PRICING**: these prices may appear a bit high compared to other, similar books. This is due to the fact that the publisher’s print runs are quite small, resulting in a smaller than usual discount to us. Additionally, we are bringing these books in by air freight so that they arrive quickly and in mint condition. However, the uniqueness of the material in these books makes the cost worth while.

Click on the links below to view these titles:

Waffen-SS Knights and their Battles – Volume 5: June to August 1944

Das Reich Tiger Commander: SS-Hauptsturmführer Philipp Theiss

For the Defence of My Nation

For the Defence of the Reich

For the Defence of Berlin!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Take care and stay safe,

John & Natalie