Dear Friends,

To celebrate 40 years of providing you with the best military history books, and to brighten up your summer, we have a very, VERY special announcement! We have acquired a very extensive and diverse book collection, and, over the next few weeks, you will have an opportunity to add to your library slightly used titles at very good prices, and fill in some gaps with out of print ones at prices below those on sites that really empty out your wallet. We want to be fair, but also have to weigh in our work and the fact that we have to pay our bills.


Here’s how the auction will work: For the rest of the summer, every Thursday or Friday, we will feature one or more publishers’ books (plus a miscellaneous category, and…. *A RARE CATEGORY*) . We will provide the title, author, and publisher as well as the reserve price. For more information on the titles, you can search our website ( or “Google-it”. If in stock, a book’s price will be around 50% of the regular price. If out of print, for most titles the price will be close to the original regular price, a bit more if in as new condition, a bit less if there is some wear.

In several cases, the extremely rare and desired price may be quite high, but lower than some sites ask. As we only have one of each title, you may bid at the asking price, or higher if you really want to be competitive. We will accept the highest bid. In case of a tie, the earliest bid wins.

There will be a link to each book and you can order as normal. However, when ordering, do not forget to include your bid in the customer/order notes section. Bidding will stop at midnight of the Monday after we send out the email.


Due to the high charges from credit card companies and security concerns, we encourage you to use an alternate method of payment. We encourage all of our customers to use Pay Pal, but our Canadian customers can also choose to pay by e-transfer.

Regular shipping will apply, but no further discounts will be applied. You can add any of the regular titles from our web site to your order.


Here is a list (in no particular order) of publishers and special categories that will be featured in the coming weeks:

JJ Fedorowicz Publishing, Trojca, Helion, Classic/Crecy, Hikoki, Pen & Sword, Casemate, Midland, Fonthill, Frontline, Peko, University of Kansas, Stackpole, Greenhill, Eagle Editions, Kagero, MMP, Leaping Horseman, Ryton, Start Luftfahrt Verlag, After the Battle, Concord, and Schiffer. Also, Miscellaneous and *Rare*.

We will send out the first batch this Friday, which will be Helion titles, followed next week by Classic/Crecy books.

We look forward to supplying you with some of the titles. Enjoy the auction!!

John & Natalie