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Today we are featuring a 2-volume set on Stalingrad by well-known Swedish historian, Christer Bergström. This work on the ground war during the Battle of Stalingrad is the continuation of Christer Bergström’s previous book Operation Barbarossa 1941: Hitler Against Stalin and supplements his Black Cross / Red Star series about the air war on the Eastern Front.

Stalingrad – New Perspectives on an Epic Battle. Vol. 1: The Doomed City covers the importance of Stalingrad and the Luftwaffe’s largest and never before discussed mistake in 1942. The newly-released Volume 2, Stalingrad – New Perspectives on an Epic Battle, Vol. 2: The City of Death, covers operations in the city itself and the Soviet counteroffensive to the surrender of the Germans and Romanians in the pocket.

We will be ordering this set at the end of the week and should have them in by the beginning of July. Place your order by end of day, Thursday, June 15th, so we know how many to order!

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