Dear Valued Friends,

I regret to inform those of you who have been waiting for the arrival of our 3 JJ Fedorowicz books that there has been another delay with the shipment. It is in Canada; however, due to the current health situation worldwide, there have been, and still may be, more delays. Originally scheduled to arrive here on Monday, March 16th, the shipment is now scheduled for delivery on March 25th. Let us hope that this date will be the one! Regardless, we will keep all of you updated.

Needless to say, this has been extremely frustrating and disappointing to you and us. At this time, all we can hope for is a quick delivery, and I promise that as soon as we receive these books we will pack and attempt to send them out immediately. I must also mention that I have received a warning from various shippers that (although we will work to send out the books immediately) there may be delays in you receiving them. Additionally (not surprising), I have been told that due to the limited space on the aircraft that usually carry our UPS and other shipments, the cost of shipping might also be affected. In such cases, if the cost difference is substantial, affected customers will be informed.

Customers that have ordered the following: Natter, Black Cross Red Star, Panther Battallion Brandenburg, and Camouflage and Colours of the Panzerwaffe, please be advised that we are scheduled to receive these books by the end of March. Again, we will try our best to ship them out ASAP.

I sincerely apologize for these delays but they really beyond our control at this time. We will manage them as expeditiously and efficiently as we can, and appreciate your understanding and loyal patronage.
Stay safe,

John Fedorowicz