Dear Friends:

If you heard the sound of trees falling, it is because we have been working like beavers. Very shortly we will announce our next titles, one big and one small format. There are also several excellent books from other publishers coming soon and we will be announcing them as soon as we have the details and prices.

Today, we are announcing a title that should be a winner. From Hussar Productions we offer CAMOUFLAGE AND MARKINGS OF THE PANZERWAFFE. Written by Artur Majewski, this massive volume has hundreds of new b/w photographs and 200 colour profiles. In the next few weeks we will add some sample pages and more information.

We expect to have our copies in September, but since it will be a limited printing we are taking orders now to make sure that we have enough to supply our customers. And, while the price of the book is set at $130.00, if you order by the end of March, your price will be $125.00. We will not charge your credit card until we actually ship the book to you. Standard shipping charges will apply. So, order today to make sure that you do not miss out on a terrific book.

Until next time,

John and Sharron