September 19, 2020 – Update

Dear Friends:

To start, just an update on our two newest books, SS-Panzer-Regiment 12 in the Normandy Campaign 1944 and 17.SS Panzer-Grenadier-Division Gotz von Berlichingen Volume 3. They are on the water sailing from Europe and should land here at the beginning of October, earlier if Customs and COVID cooperate. We will be sending out your copies within 3 days of arrival, and we thank you for your patience. For those who mentioned that some dealers already have them, those are the European ones. As the books were printed in Europe, it made sense to send them directly to European customers from the printer.


Occasionally, some books do get damaged during shipping. As a result, we offer them at a discounted rate due to some damage. If you are interested in either, or both, of these titles, here is your chance to grab them, at a great price. We have several copies of each title. In both cases the damage consists of one crushed corner of the cover. Below, we have provided photographs of the damage so you know what you are getting. Both books are Waldemar Trojca titles: The Aircraft Carriers of the Imperial Japanese Navy and Army Volume 1 – the damage is to the bottom of the spine, the books still are in original shrink-wrapping (regular price: $160 down to $100). Essex Class Carriers in WW II (THIS BOOK IS NOW OUT OF PRINT) – has slight damage to one of the corners of the cover, and is also in original shrink-wrapping (regular price: $130 down to $90).

If you are interested in any of the above-listed, discounted books please email us at: First come, first served!!

For those that have been asking for a copy of Panzers in Berlin, it has been reprinted and we will be placing an order for them soon. Please e-mail us and let us know that you want a copy.

Those awaiting the Black Cross Red Star – Air War Over the Eastern Front: Volume 5 and U-552 The Red Devil Boat, they should also arrive at the beginning of October. If you have not ordered, remember that these high-quality books will not be in print for long.

Stay tuned for more books to come soon!

Have a nice weekend and stay safe,

John and Natalie

August 28, 2020 – Update

Dear Friends:

We have 3 new items for you to consider. From Wing Leader, we have the 4 volume set of Luftwaffe Aces. If you want to order this set, or any of the other titles or sets we listed in our update from August 20th, we will be placing our next order early next week. Do not delay! These books are flown in by air, so orders need to be fairly large so that the shipping doesn’t bankrupt us…

From Christopher Bergstrom, we offer Black Cross Red Star: Air War over the Eastern Front Volume 5: Kuban and Kursk April – July 1943. This book will arrive at the end of September. Previous volumes have been selling out very quickly, so reserve your copy now!

Finally, from Luftfahrt Verlag, we offer U-552 The Red Devil Boat. This book is also scheduled to arrive at the end of September.

Well, that should do it for this week…

Have a nice weekend and stay safe!

John and Natalie

August 20, 2020 Update

Dear Friends:

As promised, here are a number of titles from Wing Leader. We offer, and have in stock, 3 series, and several individual titles. A few more will be offered in the near future. Due to ordering and shipping intricacies, we offer the first three series as complete sets. We display the covers of the individual books within the sets, as well as a sampling of pages. Click on the links to examine the particulars. The three series are: Nachtjagd Combat Archive Series, Battle of Britain Combat Archive, and Luftwaffe Crash Archive.

The individual titles are: The Last Blitz: Operation Steinbock, Heinkel He 219; Illustrated History, The Heinkel He 219: A Research Paper, Messerschmitt Bf109T – Die Jager der Graf Zeppelin, and Dunkirk – Air Combat Archive.

Number of copies on hand is limited, so put your order in as soon as you can. If you miss out on this batch, we will be putting in another order shortly, but will not charge your card until we ship.

News on our upcoming books: SS-Panzer-Regiment 12 in the Normandy Campaign 1944 and 17.SS Panzer-Grenadier-Division Gotz von Berlichingen Volume 3 have now been printed and will be sent out to us by the end of this week. We still expect to receive them by end of September, unless Covid delays the shipment. You can order either one, or both, and we will not charge your card until they are sent.

We hope to hear from you soon,

John and Natalie

August 15th, 2020 Update

Dear Friends:

Just a few matters to address for this weekend…

First, we have now received the following titles: Fortress Budapest, Last Panzer Battles in Hungary, Forgotten Archives 3, and the Illustrated Weathering Guide to WWII Late War German Vehicles. For those who pre-ordered, we are happy to announce that they have already been shipped out to you. For those who didn’t, please note that we only have a couple of each title left over for sale.

Next, we have just received copies of 1944 German Armor in Normandy. And, within the next 2 weeks we should have Dornier Do 17, Real Colors of WWII: Armor, and M3 Lee Grant.

Lastly, mid next week we will be listing a plethora of Luftwaffe books from Wing Leader Aviation books. They are absolutely fantastic; and we can say that because we have most in stock now!

Have a great weekend and stay safe!

John and Natalie

July 27 2020 Update

Dear Friends:

We have received news regarding three very interesting books that have just been published.

From Panzerwrecks, we offer Forgotten Archives 3. From Peko, we offer two books on the fighting in Hungary: Last Panzer Battles in Hungary and Fortress Budapest; The Siege of the Hungarian Capital 1944-45.

We are putting in an order for them by the end of the week, so please reserve your copies, by clicking the links above, before Friday, July 31, 2020!

Look forward to hearing from you soon; Stay safe,

John and Natalie

July 24, 2020 Update

Dear Friends:

REMINDER: Today, at midnight, is the deadline to get in your pre-pub orders for 12 SS Panzer-Regiment in the Normandy Campaign 1944 and Combat History of the 17.SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Division Gotz von Berlichingen Volume 3. Tomorrow, the price will change.

The two pre-pub books have gone to the printer and should be printed in August, then we will see what COVID-19 will do to the shipping time from Europe.

Meanwhile we are working hard on the next three volumes, more on them as they progress toward publication.

We have also been informed by the publisher of Camouflage and Markings of the Panzerwaffe that he has less than 100 copies left in stock. We are putting in our last order, so if you were thinking of grabbing this book do not wait any longer and reserve one with us.

Lastly, here are some new books for your consideration:

From Pen & Sword we have The War with Hitler’s Navy, from Greenhill Books we have Operation Colossus, the First British Airborne Operation of World War II, and from Casemate we offer Leningrad, the Advance of Panzer Group 4, 1941.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Have a good weekend and stay safe,

John and Natalie

July 17 2020

Dear Friends;

Just a couple of things this week. Please remember that for those who want to take advantage of the pre-publication offer for our latest 2 books, Combat History of the 17. SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Division Götz von Berlichingen Volume 3 and SS-Panzer-Regiment 12 in the Normandy Campaign 1944 , this Sunday is the last day. If you have not reserved your copies yet, hurry.

A number of you have suggested that it would be nice to know which JJF books are now out of print, or getting close to being sold out. We aim to please, so, here is a list of these titles:


The Combat History of schwere Panzerjager Abteilung 654

The Combat History of schwere Panzer-Abteilung 503


The Combat History of schwere Panzer-Abteilung 507

Combat History of the 10. Panzer-Division 1939-1943

Between the Oder and the Elbe

The Battle of Kharkov, Winter 1942-1943

Hold the Westwall or Perish with it, the History of Panzer-Brigade 105 – September 1994

The History of the Panzerkorps Grossdeutschland Volume 1

We hope to hear from you soon; Have a nice weekend!

John and Natalie

July 9 2020 Update

Dear Friends:

We have been teasing you now for a number of weeks regarding our two new titles. Well, now is the time to deliver – so, with much fanfare and ado, here they are!

Combat History of the 17. SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Division Götz von Berlichingen Volume 3

SS-Panzer-Regiment 12 in the Normandy Campaign 1944

Both books are anticipated to arrive here in September. As usual, you can reserve your pristine copy, and save a bit, by taking advantage of our pre-publication offer (in effect until end of day, July 24, 2020).

Be the coolest kid on your block this fall by getting your hands on these great books! (Usual shipping applies)

We hope to hear from you soon!

Have a nice weekend and stay safe,

John and Natalie

June 9, 2020 Update

Dear Friends,

This week we have 3 new books to offer you:

From Helion, Fallschirmjager: A Collection of Firsthand Accounts and Diaries by German Paratrooper Veterans from the Second World War; from Pen and Sword, Marching from Defeat: Surviving the Collapse of the German Army in the Soviet Union, 1944; and from Frontline Books, Peiper’s War: The Wartime Years of SS Leader Jochen Peiper, 1941–44.

We are expecting them to arrive here in the next 2 – 3 weeks. So, please remember, we fill orders on first come first served basis… Order now to make sure you do not miss out!

In JJF PUB news: Our next two titles are fasting-approaching the stage when we send them off to the printer! Stay tuned for an announcement in the next 2 weeks!

Hope to hear from you soon!

John and Natalie

May 21, 2020 Update

Dear Friends:

We hope that all of you and your loved ones are staying safe.

This week we offer 6 books:

From AMMO USA, we have Italienfeldzug: German Tanks and Vehicles 1943-1945 Vol. 1, and Illustrated Weathering Guide to WW II Late German Vehicles.

From Chandos, we have Blitz Bombers: Kampfgeschwader 76 and the Arado Ar 234, Luftwaffe Jet Bombers on the Western Front 1944-1945.

From After the Battle, we have The V-Weapons Then and Now.

From Helion, we have Bloody Streets: The Soviet Assault on Berlin.

And lastly, from KV Publishing, we have Ostfront Panzers 1: Last Year of the War.

All of these titles will be arriving in late June, so reserve yours now!!

And, speaking of June, we would like to leave you with a little tease from JJF Publishing… Work is progressing well on 3 brand new titles… Stay tuned for a couple of announcements coming next month!

All of the best,

John and Natalie