Dear Friends,

This week we have for your consideration the thirteenth batch of books for auction (part 3 of ours!) from the acquired collection.


Bridgehead Kurland

Crimean Campaigns

Footsteps of the Hunter

History of Panzerkorps Grossdeutschland, Vol. 2

History of Panzerkorps Grossdeutschland, Vol. 3

Hermann Goring

Hill 112

In Good Faith

In Good Faith, Vol. 2

Karl Baur: A Pilot’s Pilot

Luftwaffe Aces

Prinz Eugen

Quiet Flows the Rhine

Drama Between Budapest and Vienna

Operation Citadel: The South

Soldiers of the Waffen-SS

Totenkopf Tigers

This week, you have until midnight, Sunday, November 12th to bid.

A quick note to our customers who prefer to pay via the PayPal option. Please do not worry about sending payments right away. When we receive your order, we will email you to confirm and provide you with a breakdown of the total cost that will include shipping charges and tax, if applicable. We will then send you the PayPal request for payment.
**ATTENTION** Some of the titles from past auctions are still available at a great price! All you need to do is visit our past auction posts here. Click on the title’s link to see if you are able to access the order page. If yes, then the book is available for purchase at the posted price. If not, then the title you selected is no longer available.

We await your bids! Good luck!

John & Natalie