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We have a big announcement today regarding a new title by Hans Lengerer, and published by Waldemar Trojca, The Aircraft Carriers of the Japanese Navy and Army, Volume II! This follow-up volume is dedicated to the actual ship technology and the related history of naval warfare, and offers in depth, background information about the machinery, armament and equipment of the aircraft carriers, such as: anti-aircraft guns, machine guns, fire control devices, rocket launchers, radar, underwater listening devices, and sonar (echo sounder). It is one of the most detailed and complete works on this topic, and a definite must-have for those interested in Japanese aircraft carriers.

Below is a listing of the book’s contents:

Chapter 7: Unryû class: Mass Production of the Medium-sized Aircraft Carrier
Chapter 8: Incomplete Conversion of CA Ibuki into Spartan Type CVL Ibuki
Chapter 9: Five Light Aircraft Carriers Converted from Other Warship or Auxiliary Ship-Types
Chapter 10: Junyô and Hiyô Conversion of Large-Sized Excellent Passenger Ships into Auxiliary Aircraft Carriers but Operated as Regular CVs
Chapter 11: Five Auxiliary Aircraft Carriers Converted from Excellent Passenger Ships
Chapter 12: Particular Aircraft Carriers of the Imperial Japanese Army and the Navy
Chapter 13: Machinery
Chapter 14: Overview of the Carrier-Based Aircraft and Their Weapons (MGs, bombs, torpedoes)
Chapter 15: Short Survey on Weapons and Equipment (HAGs, MGs, FCSs, Rocket Launcher, Radar, Hypodrome, Sonar)
Chapter 16: The Second Solomon Sea Battle (August 1942)
Chapter 17: South Pacific Sea Battle – An Attempt to Recapture Guadalcanal Island (October 1942)
Chapter 18: I Gô and Rô Gô Operations in 1943
Chapter 19: Mariana Sea Battle (June 1944) – Incredible Decimation of the Carrier-Based Air Force
Chapter 20: The Battle off of Cape Engano (October 1944) – The End of the Japanese Carrier Force
Chapter 21: Aircraft Carriers Without Wings – The Annihilation of the Floating AA-Batteries in 1945
Chapter 22: Technical Evaluation of the Japanese Aircraft Carriers

We have the books on the way to us now, by boat, from Europe. Provided that everything goes according to plan with the shipping schedule, we expect to have the them by mid-December. If anything changes, we will send out an update to inform you. As per usual, your credit card or account will not be charged until your order is mailed out.

We have a limited number of this title available. Based on sales of the 1st volume and interest expressed by you, most of the copies are spoken for. Please do not delay in placing your order!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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