Dear Friends:

It has been a very busy few weeks, and now here are two more titles from Helion Publishing to ruin your budget. The first, initially announced around three years ago, is the long awaited III. Germanic SS Panzer-Korps: The History of Himmler’s Favourite SS Panzer-Korps 1943-1945 Volume 1. This book has now morphed into a large 2-volume set. The second book is Killing Hitler’s Reich: The Battle for Austria 1945. Click on the links for more details and to see the covers.

Both promise to deliver a lot of new information for those interested in the Waffen-SS. We will be putting in our order on Monday and should have them here by Sept. 26th. Since in the past some popular titles have gone immediately out of stock at the distributor we encourage you place your order by Sunday to reserve your copy/copies.

Have a nice weekend, John and Sharron