Dear Friends:

Well, over the past couple of weeks we have had a bit of time here to peruse some catalogues and have managed to find several (mostly new) titles that you may find irresistible. We will take orders for these titles until end of Sunday, April 19th, then place our order with the distributor. We expect to receive them in the first week of May.

As is usual these days, we will order only 1 or 2 extras, so order by Sunday to make sure you have a copy reserved! For our overseas customers, please remember that we only have the special low rates for another 2 weeks.

HERE all the titles and links for them:

Sherman Firefly

Night of the Bayonets

The White Sniper


Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A, S, F, G

Battle of the Odon

Sturmartillerie de la Waffen-SS. Volume 1: Leibstandarte et Das Reich

Black Tulip: The Life and Myth of Erich Hartmann, the World’s Top Fighter Ace

Soldiers to the Last Day: The Rhineland-Westphalian 6th Infantry Division, 1935-1945

Stay healthy and safe,

John and Natalie