Dear Friends,

A huge announcement today regarding a new 3-volume set on the Panther tank from Waldemar Trojca. The first volume, Panther: Bergepanther D, from Trojca’s Technical and Operational History series, will be a monster (848 pages). We expect to receive it around the end of this year. It will be followed by a volume on the Ausf. A, and then by the final volume on the Ausf. G. When completed, this 3-volume set will be the definitive work on the Panther tank.

Here are the book’s specifics (work on it is being finalized):

  • Hard cover. English/German text. Large format.
  • 848 pages, of which 48 pages are in colour.
  • Over 900 photographs. 160 pages of technical drawings.
  • Complete history of the development of the Panther tank.
  • Description of the Panther Ausf. D.
  • First part technical description of the Panther (chosen elements).
  • Full description of Pz.Bef.Wg. Panther Ausf. A, D, and G.
  • One section on infra-red equipment.
  • Full description of the Bergepanther Ausf. D.
  • Combat history of the Panther Ausf. D in 1943:
    • Pz.Abt. 51 and Pz.Abt. 52 at Kursk
    • 2. SS-Pz.Div. Das Reich
    • Pz.Rgt. 23 from 23 Pz.Div.
    • LSSAH in 1943


We have been notified that the publisher will be printing a limited quantity of copies of this title. We need to place our order with the publisher in about 2 weeks. Our order will consist of: the number of copies ordered from our company and only a few others. In order to guarantee yourself a copy of this title, please confirm your intent by the end of day September 19, 2022.

As usual, you will not be charged until your order is sent out. Additionally, for our North American customers only, since this volume is going to weigh a ton, we do need to increase it’s price of shipping to $25. If your order includes other books, they will be charged the standard shipping rate of $6 per book.

Cover and sample pages will be uploaded in about a week. We hope to hear from you soon!

Hope you had a nice summer and stay safe,

John & Natalie