Dear Friends,

FINALLY! Waldemar Trojca’s Panther: Bergepanther Ausf. D has been shipped and we should have it before the end of March (transportation gods willing!)!waiting Unfortunately, due to the horrific transport costs, worse exchange rate and the higher price we have to pay because the title has grown by 50 pages since we priced it, we have been forced to raise its price to $190.00. If you have not yet ordered one, please be advised that this shipment will probably be sold out right away because any copies not claimed by individuals will be sold to booksellers, leaving none available for later.

** TO THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY ORDERED THIS TITLE ** – If you wish to cancel your order due to the price increase, please email us ( right away and your reserved copy will be assigned to someone else. If we do not hear from you by March 20th, we will assume that you still want your copy. LASTLY, due to the weight of this 8 lb. monster, as we wrote earlier, the shipping cost for this book will be $25.00 (see new shipping policy below for Canadian and remotely located US customers).

Included with Trojca’s Panther D shipment, small quantities of several of his other, previously sold out, titles are also on the way. They will disappear quickly and we cannot guarantee that we will get more in the future. So, if you have them on your wish list, grab them quickly. Please note that due to the reasons we listed above, their prices have also risen. Those titles are listed below.

SS-Panzerkorps in the Battle for Kharkov 01-03.1943

Aircraft Carriers of the Imperial Japanese Navy and Army, Vol. 1

Submarines of the Imperial Japanese Navy and Army 1904 – 1945: Technical and Operational History

Tiger I: Technical and Operational History, Vol. 2

Soviet Union Air Aces, 1941-1945

Tiger Ausf. B Königstiger: Technical and Operational History


Despite the quickly rising costs of shipping and packing materials, up until now we have managed to keep the shipping cost steady to US and Canadian customers. However, the cost of shipping to Canadian customers, and US customers located in remote locations such as: Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska and other US territories, has gotten to the point that we cannot absorb them anymore. Please be advised that we will now charge you the actual shipping and packing cost. In some cases, that could be substantial. If you are concerned about the shipping and packing cost, please email us ( to request a quote before we proceed with your order. We are happy to offer this option as part of our customer service – we want you to be satisfied with the books and our service!

Well, that’s all for now. We look forward to hearing from you!

Take care and stay safe,

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