Dear Friends:

To start, just an update on our two newest books, SS-Panzer-Regiment 12 in the Normandy Campaign 1944 and 17.SS Panzer-Grenadier-Division Gotz von Berlichingen Volume 3. They are on the water sailing from Europe and should land here at the beginning of October, earlier if Customs and COVID cooperate. We will be sending out your copies within 3 days of arrival, and we thank you for your patience. For those who mentioned that some dealers already have them, those are the European ones. As the books were printed in Europe, it made sense to send them directly to European customers from the printer.


Occasionally, some books do get damaged during shipping. As a result, we offer them at a discounted rate due to some damage. If you are interested in either, or both, of these titles, here is your chance to grab them, at a great price. We have several copies of each title. In both cases the damage consists of one crushed corner of the cover. Below, we have provided photographs of the damage so you know what you are getting. Both books are Waldemar Trojca titles: The Aircraft Carriers of the Imperial Japanese Navy and Army Volume 1 – the damage is to the bottom of the spine, the books still are in original shrink-wrapping (regular price: $160 down to $100). Essex Class Carriers in WW II (THIS BOOK IS NOW OUT OF PRINT) – has slight damage to one of the corners of the cover, and is also in original shrink-wrapping (regular price: $130 down to $90).

If you are interested in any of the above-listed, discounted books please email us at: First come, first served!!

For those that have been asking for a copy of Panzers in Berlin, it has been reprinted and we will be placing an order for them soon. Please e-mail us and let us know that you want a copy.

Those awaiting the Black Cross Red Star – Air War Over the Eastern Front: Volume 5 and U-552 The Red Devil Boat, they should also arrive at the beginning of October. If you have not ordered, remember that these high-quality books will not be in print for long.

Stay tuned for more books to come soon!

Have a nice weekend and stay safe,

John and Natalie