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November 29th, 2022 – Update

Dear Friends,

Well, it looks like today is Luftwaffe bonanza today for Classic/Crecy Luftwaffe books! We have three new ones to offer, and several titles that are available again. Let’s start with the three new titles:

Arado Ar 234 Blitz: The World’s First Jet Bomber and Dornier Do 217 1941 – 1945 are on the way and we should have them by mid-December (we hope!). Order now to reserve your copy as we will be ordering our copies on Friday, December 2nd. They will be sold on first-come first-served basis.

The third new book is Dive Bomber and Ground Attack Units of the Luftwaffe 1933 – 1945 Volume 2. If you already have Volume 1 then this one is a must. Once again, please order early.



A number of the old Classic books have been updated and are now available again. We will be ordering these titles on Friday, December 2nd, so please order your copy(ies) by midnight Thursday, December 1st.


PHEW! Those were a lot of terrific Luftwaffe books to list! And now you have somewhere to spend your Christmas cash!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Stay safe and have a great week,

John & Natalie

November 18th, 2022 – Update

Dear Friends,

Today we have quite a few items for your consideration.

For those who have ordered the initial volumes of the sets Battle of Britain Combat Archive, from Red Kite, and Nachtjagd Combat Archive, from Wingleader, we will be ordering the newest volumes on Monday, November 21st, so that you can complete your collection! We expect to have these titles by end of November. For the Battle of Britain series, we have added the latest volumes, Volumes 9, 10, 11, and 12.

For the Nachtjagd series, we have added 1944 – Vol 4, 1944 – Vol 5, and 1945 (the last from this series).

Please put your order in by end of Sunday, November 20th, to reserve your copies. We will be operating on a first come first served basis.

Finally, we are now taking orders for the latest from Nuts & Bolts, Nuts & Bolts 47. As above, we ask that you please place your order by end of Sunday, November 20th.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Take care and have a nice weekend!

John & Natalie

October 27th, 2022 – Update

Dear Friends,

Today, we have three new interesting titles to offer. From Schiffer, we have The Porsche Tiger and Ferdinand Tank Destroyer: VK 4501 (P)/Porsche Type 101 and the Panzerjäger Ferdinand/Elefant. We will be putting in an order for this title next week.

From Peko, we have Elephant Paths: Combat History of Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung 203. This title will also be ordered next week. However, since it’s going to be coming from Europe, we estimate that we will receive it around the end of November.

Lastly, we will be taking pre-orders for the new title from Luftfahrtverlag-Start, U-Bootmänner als Panzerjäger. This title is scheduled to be available in Europe in December. We expect to have it at the end of December/beginning of January.

Please be advised that we will be ordering these titles to meet demand. If you order by the end of Sunday, October 30th, you will be assured to get a copy. As per usual, we will not be charging your credit card for any of these three titles until they are shipped.

We do have a bit of disappointing news to share. For those of you who ordered The Army That Got Away: The German 15.Armee in the Summer of 1944, we regret to inform you that thanks to our new enemy, the global transportation system, we now expect to have this title around the middle of December. But do not fret! Those who have ordered a copy will be sure to get one. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience. We will inform you of any new developments as we find out ourselves.

Finally, we just want to include a quick update on Waldemar Trojca’s Panther: Bergepanther Ausf. D. The title should be heading off to the printer before December and we are expecting/hoping to receive it by the end of January. Interesting tidbit, Mr. Trojca just informed us that the book has magically grown by another 48 pages, bringing it’s total number of pages to just under 900 (including over 1,000 photos and 16 additional pages of colour).

Have a great weekend and we hope to hear from you soon!

John & Natalie

October 2nd, 2022 – Update

Dear Friends,

We hope that you are having a nice weekend. We just wanted to send out a quick update regarding some good and slightly unfortunate news that we have to pass on.

Starting with the slightly unfortunate news, we regret to inform you that our title Das Reich I, 1934-1939, is now out of print. As of today’s date, we have 3 damaged copies left (dinged corners and some minor scratches). At $35 each, we are making these available on a first-come, first-serve basis. To order, please click on the link below.

Now, on to the good news! After the Battle has reprinted two more titles. If you missed out in the past, do not let them slip through your fingers!

Lastly, After the Battle has also published a new title, which is a compendium of their best articles from the After the Battle magazine.

We will be placing our order for the After the Battle titles on Wednesday, October 5th. That said, please place your orders before end of day, Tuesday, October 4th.


For those of you who ordered To the Gates of Moscow (2-volume set): Without going into too much detail, it has been a real challenge to get these books in. Not only do we have a limited number coming, but we just learned that 5 of the sets we ordered are slightly damaged (dinged corners). Sadly, it appears that there will not be enough undamaged sets to fill all of the orders. As a result, we are offering the damaged sets at the discounted price of $185. We should be receiving the books, by Friday, October 7th. If you would like to grab a discounted set, please let us know via email at: or call at: (204) 837-6080. Undamaged sets will be assigned based on who ordered first. Unfortunately, this means that some clients may have to wait until the next shipment arrives in 2-3 months.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Take care and stay safe,

John & Natalie

September 15th, 2022 – Update

Dear Friends,

Another quick update for you because the books that we are featuring today will be arriving together with the other titles that were mentioned in the last update.

We do not mean to rush you, but if either or both of these titles interest you, you need to let us know by next week, by the end of Monday, September 19th.

As these titles will all be arriving to us by air freight, and the cost per lb. is rather high, we cannot offer any discount on the books from this update. Additionally, since the Panzerregiment 1 title is going to be a hefty one (it weighs in at 7 lbs), the shipping charge to our North American clients will have to be $25.

Finally, we have uploaded cover and sample pages for Trojca’s Panther: Bergepanther Ausf. D. Click on the link to view!

Hoping to hear from you in the next few days!

Have a great rest of your week,

John & Natalie

September 11th, 2022 – Update

Dear Friends,

We have a bit of a special update for you today. We have four titles to offer for your possible reading pleasure. However, there is a bit of a catch in that there’s a bit of a time limit involved. If you are interested in these titles, we would ask that you please place order by the end of Tuesday, September 13th. This is because the titles come from Europe and we do not place orders with our contact there very often due to rising costs. To ensure that your copies are included in this shipment, please order soon. We should receive them in a few weeks.

Here are the titles:

The last link is a special case. Originally, To the Gates of Moscow with the 3rd Panzer Division, was published as one volume, which quickly sold out. Since then, the publisher found more material. However, this made the book too large to print in just one volume. And so, the publisher split the title into two parts.

We are ordering and selling the two volumes only as a set. Despite the rather high price, this is an excellent 2-volume set. But, we also want to add that the set would really only be for those of you who did not purchase the original one volume, or those of you who have enough interest in the extra material (see the link for more detail) and the willingness to shell out the $210. Again, we ask that you place your order for this set by the end of Tuesday, September 13th.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Take care and stay safe,

John & Natalie

August 28th, 2022 – New Title Alert!!

Dear Friends,

A huge announcement today regarding a new 3-volume set on the Panther tank from Waldemar Trojca. The first volume, Panther: Bergepanther D, from Trojca’s Technical and Operational History series, will be a monster (848 pages). We expect to receive it around the end of this year. It will be followed by a volume on the Ausf. A, and then by the final volume on the Ausf. G. When completed, this 3-volume set will be the definitive work on the Panther tank.

Here are the book’s specifics (work on it is being finalized):

  • Hard cover. English/German text. Large format.
  • 848 pages, of which 48 pages are in colour.
  • Over 900 photographs. 160 pages of technical drawings.
  • Complete history of the development of the Panther tank.
  • Description of the Panther Ausf. D.
  • First part technical description of the Panther (chosen elements).
  • Full description of Pz.Bef.Wg. Panther Ausf. A, D, and G.
  • One section on infra-red equipment.
  • Full description of the Bergepanther Ausf. D.
  • Combat history of the Panther Ausf. D in 1943:
    • Pz.Abt. 51 and Pz.Abt. 52 at Kursk
    • 2. SS-Pz.Div. Das Reich
    • Pz.Rgt. 23 from 23 Pz.Div.
    • LSSAH in 1943


We have been notified that the publisher will be printing a limited quantity of copies of this title. We need to place our order with the publisher in about 2 weeks. Our order will consist of: the number of copies ordered from our company and only a few others. In order to guarantee yourself a copy of this title, please confirm your intent by the end of day September 19, 2022.

As usual, you will not be charged until your order is sent out. Additionally, for our North American customers only, since this volume is going to weigh a ton, we do need to increase it’s price of shipping to $25. If your order includes other books, they will be charged the standard shipping rate of $6 per book.

Cover and sample pages will be uploaded in about a week. We hope to hear from you soon!

Hope you had a nice summer and stay safe,

John & Natalie

August 24th, 2022 – Update

Dear Friends,

In today’s update we are featuring 3 titles. On the way to us from Kagero, we have Zitadelle: The SS-Panzer-Korps on the Attack.

From Pen and Sword, we have Hill 112: Key to Defeating Hitler in Normandy. Both titles will be arriving to us in about 2 weeks. Please order your copies now to ensure you have a copy reserved.

Now, the third title that we are featuring comes with a bit of a twist. We received 4 copies of Sturmartillerie de la Waffen-SS, Volume II: Totenkopf, Polizei, and Wiking.

Unfortunately, they arrived with a bit of damage to the corners. We should be receiving the replacement copies in about 2 weeks. That said, if you prefer to order a pristine copy, please go ahead and do so, and we will ship it out to you when they arrive. However, we are offering the slightly damaged copies at a 10% discount ($72 CAD), and they are ready to be shipped. If you opt for one of the damaged copies, please include your request in the note section when placing your order online. We will apply the discount when calculating the final total.

We hope you are having a nice summer! Hope to hear from you soon!

Take care and stay safe,

John & Natalie

August 7th, 2022 – Update

Dear Friends,

Today, we have a few interesting titles for you to ponder. From Kagero, we have Guide To German Night Fighters In World War II: The Night Defenders Of The Reich and Japanese Heavy Fighters: 1937-1945.

From Peko, we have With Raupenschlepper Ost on the Eastern Front.

We are expecting to have all three titles in stock in about 2 weeks. And, in what seems to be the norm these days, a limited number of each title will be arriving. If interested, please submit your order sooner than later to guarantee your copies.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Have a great week,

John & Natalie

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